There are a number of things I recommend for tight muscles such as:

Magnesium powder or tablets (Magnesium Malate is very good)

Spraying “Magnesium Oil”  on your muscles directly, and then washing off the oil 15 – 20 minutes later. You can buy this at your local health food store.

Epsom Salt Baths (which is magnesium).

Calcium Glucanate




Some research shows that in fibro patients, there is a syndrome called “magnesium wasting” which takes  place. Abnormal  amounts of magnesium are being used up in the body. This may be a result of the thyroid not working properly.

Magnesium and  Calcium Glucanate will help relieve muscle pain,  but it’s not fixing the underlining problem.

My best success with releiving tight muscles was through Dr David Price at the WhIte Pine Clinic in Tucson, Arizona. He studied under an oriental herbalist in Japan for 6 years. The herbal tea he formulated for me helped tremendously.