Cindy and I have been filming in numerous locations, to add some fun and zest to the medical film. Below are a few “behind the scene” shots….

One day we spent 10 hours filming on the ship, “The Queen Mary”. The Directors rolled out the red carpet for us to film and promote the ship in our film, with the hopes of one day hosting an event in the Grand Ballroom of the ship ~

Here is a short music video of our filming on the ship:


Another location were we filmed was at was at the home of  Tom Dreesen. Many of you know Tom from his work in Comedy and with his work with Frank Sinatra for many years. (www.tomdreesen.com). In the film, Tom shares about being positive while going through tough times, as well as the importance of being up-to-date on nutrition. If we ever do a fundraiser for fibromyalgia on the ship, we would love to create something similar to an episode of, “Dancing with the Stars”. Tom would be great on the judging panel,  giving high scores to all the contestants. I’m sure some organization would love to fund our event !



In addition, we were able to film our section of “The Fibro House” at one of my friends near Malibu:

Mike talks with Helen (left) and Cindy (right) about nutrition in

“The Fibro Kitchen”



Another location where we filmed was at a condo in the  Calabasas, California area. This was filmed for the section of the film called, “Surviving the Holidays with Fibromyalgia”….

Here is the dance clip from the film: