My story about fibromyalgia  has appeared in dozens of articles on the internet, as well as in  magazines and a documentary.  Below are just a few of the highlights. ( For more examples, “Google” : “Michael James Hastings Fibromyalgia” or “Michael James Hastings West Wing”).


Most of the articles on the web are accurate, however, some are not. Below are some bullet points I have made in order to clarify some of the errors:

  • Some have stated that I have raised millions for fibro research
    (I have not)
  • Some have stated that I died in a fiery car explosion in L.A.
    (I did not. This incident is in reference to the famed journalist, Michael Hastings (another “Michael Hastings) who did die in a fiery car explosion in Los Angeles in June of 2013).
  • Some have thought I was an actual Navy Captain in the Military, however I  was not. My “Captain Identity” was created when I was randomly picked from the SAG database to play a non-speaking role as  the Captain on the hit show, “The West Wing”. I was fitted for the uniform at Warner Brothers, and was “on-call” for two years, for whenever they needed to film a scene in the “situation room” or for a shot inside the White House.  Although I was not in the military, I was a missions director in Kenya, East Africa which opened up the doors for me to meet and dine with the real President of the country (President Moi) in 1984.
  • Some have thought that I was “sold out” to a particular vitamin company, doctor, or organization and I am not. Like you, I have spent years exploring different nutritional protocols and sampling endless supplements. My pro-active approach has paid off, since I have found some things to work not just for me, but for others as well. I am always open to trying new products and more than happy to share about products that work for me and others. I was hired briefly by the company, “Enyzymatic Therapy” many years ago, and I discovered that one of the products ( Dr. Teitelbaum’s “Revitalizing Sleep Formula” ) helped with my sleeping significantly.
  • Some have stated I am from Birmingham, Alabama
    (I am from Birmingham, Michigan).
  • As of 2018, I attended College for 13 years, not 7.
  • Some have  inserted pictures of  other men attached to my fibro story making things a bit confusing.  To help bring clarification, I have created a photo gallery on this website, so journalists can verify my image and story, thus reporting more accurately. Journalists are welcome to contact me  at my email address which is:  captainhastingsinusa@gmail.com

Although I have had very small parts on popular shows and movies, and worked with numerous celebrities requesting my nutritional advice (Karen Black, Dianne Canon, Tom Dreesen, Tone Welsh, etc), I would not define myself as a celebrity, but rather an educator for those pursuing natural remedies. My website has been on the web for almost 15 years, helping people in Hollywood and on the web find answers to various health issues, including chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Currently, I  am producing a medical film about fibromyalgia, and plan on having it registered with the IMDB, since I am a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) member. In addition, I have traveled around the country numerous times, sharing about fibromyalgia in health food stores and doctors offices over the course of many years.






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