In Fibromyalgia, certain muscle groups are malnourished. No one knows exactly why this occurs, but it could possibly be due to poor circulation, an over accumulation of fibrin in the body, a dysfunctional thyroid, or possibly just worn out muscles from not being repaired in the sleep stages. Finding a multi-vitamin-mineral to nourish these malnourished muscles is crucial. Many people have tried different types of vitamins and felt no difference. In my research, I have found some things that were helpful:



Food-Based vitamins are always recommended for anyone with an illness. Companies such as: Mega Foods, New Chapter, Garden of Life , and Rainbow Light sell Food-Based vitamins and minerals. Source Naturals sells a vitamin called, Fibro Response and Enzymatic Therapy sells a vitamin called Enfusion Powder. /





Those with Fibromyalgia are often very depleted in calcium and magnesium. There are as many as 15 - 20 different types of Calcium as well as Magnesium. If someone with fibro takes the wrong type of calcium, their fibro symptoms may get much worse. In order to find out if the type of calcium you are taking is compounding your fibro symtoms, I would recommend stopping for a week or so to see if you feel a difference in muscle pain. Remember Calcium contracts the muscle and Magnesium relaxes the muscle. If a person takes too much calcium, they can get constipated, and if they take too much magnesium, they will have diarea.

As for me, most calcium products create a lot of muscle pain, including "calcium lactate" which is specifically for those who have allergies to Calcium. I have tried may brands and have found that some of the following very helpful :

1) CALCIUM GLUCANATE. Calcium Glucunate (not Glucarate) can be found in a powdered form by the company "NOW". It is inexpensive and will help relax your muscles.


2) The company, "Mega Foods" carries a product called, "Bone" and also a product called, "Hydrilla" which is a super green that is rich in a superior calcium.

3)"CALM" and "CALM PLUS CALCIUM" by Peter Gillham is an excellent magnesium/calcium for relaxing the muscles. .His web is: 

4) The Center Of Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California recommends a product called, "RisoTriene" for building bone and muscles. Visit:





Dr. Teitelbaum recommends taking 1000 mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine and 5mg of NADH to boost energy.

I recommend for everyone to take some type of powedered green on a daily basis. Many companies sell powdered greens today, so there is a large selection. "The Perfect Food" by Garden of Life is an excellent powdered green to start out with in boosting your energy. Green Tea or Chlorella are also other wonderful greens that helps with energy levels.

While attending the Fibro Convention in Garden Grove, Ca in 2006, Dr. Teitelbabum mentioned that "Ribose" is the new breakthrough for those suffering with fibro and chronic fatigue. Clinical Studies show that 70 percent of the people who take 15 GRAMS of Ribose for 12 days have significant improvement in energy and muscle function. Valen Labs in Minnesota sell a product called, "CovalenM" which is a combination of Ribose, Magnesium, and Malic Acid. You can also just buy Ribose from the company Jarrow at your local health food store, but remember to take 15 grams for 12 days in a row.




TAKING 5,000 - 10,000 mcg of B-12 per day will help energy and nerve function:










Below is a great product for mental clarity and energy:



















Liquid cayenne has also been used to help open up the circulatory system . "Natures Answer" is a company that makes a non-alcohol tincture of cayenne:


CO-Q10 is very helpful in keeping the heart beating, and getting oxygen to the brain. Brain fog and mental stress is often associated with a lack of oxygen to the brain. I highly recommend buying Enzymatic Therapy's chewable C0-Q10 (100 mg). It comes in several flavors (I prefer the Orange).


Niacin is also very important. Dr. Teitelbaum recommends larger doses to flush toxins out and nutrients into the cells. Visit his webpage for more details.


Many doctors believe that the coagulation and lack of circulation that occurrs in fibro sufferers is due to a substance called "salactys" that is found in every plant. Since food, cosmetics, etc are composes of this substance, it's almost impossible to be live apart from it. Guaffensein is a substance that combats the salactys, and can free a person from the stiffness and tightness and fibro symptoms. It seems about 20 percent of fibro patients find great relieve from taking Guarffensien. To order go to:







In the winter issue of "FM AWARE", Dr. Teitelbaum wrote an article about how the pancrease in our generation has been "overworked", due to consuming foods that are void of enzymes. This "enzyme-void" is from food that is packaged, canned, overcooked, or microwaved. As a result of eating foods that are "void of enzymes" for a number of years, it has forced the pancrease to work twice as hard. This is one of the contributing factors as to why even young people have to supplement their foods with digestive enzymes or a pancreatin supplement. Dr. Tenpenny from Osteomed 2 recommends using and apple and a piece of celery for your "natural daily fiber" to help with elimination. Pancreatin and HCL are common enzymes found in many digestive enzyme products. 3 companies that I would recommend for digestive enzymes are:

1) "Digestive Aid" by Solgar

2) "MegaZyme" by Enzymatic Therapy

3) "Digest" by the company Enzymedica ( This company also sells a number of other powerful enzymes.



The systemic enzyme serrapeptase (derived from the intestines of the silk worm) has been found to be one of the only enzymes that can dissolve fibrin, thus helping to reverse the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Many companies now sell a form or serrapeptase. Dr. Wong of World Nutrition was the one who made the enzyme popular ( ) and his product, "Vitalzyme" is widely used by those with fibromyalgia.

The company Enzymedica also has a fibrin disolving enzyme called, "Natto-K".



Many Fibro Folk have problems with breaking down gluten in their bodies. The company "Enzymedica" sell a product called, "GlutenEase" which breaks down gluten in the body.

This product was a life saver for me personally.








BOSWELLA ( AYURVADIC HERB). Solary and Source Naturals sells this herb. It is one of the few herbs that helps fibromyaligia.