One article I read mentioned that people with fibromyalgia have a high amount of "aluminum" in their bodies. The article suggested that this could possibly be due to using certain types of deodorant. When I checked my deodorant, I noticed the number one ingredient was aluminum. I realized that for 20 years I had been putting large amounts of aluminum into my body via my lymph glands. Some companies sell deodorants free of aluminum. A couple of those are:



You may want to also go on a "lymph cleanse" and a "metal cleanse" as well, if you suspect that you have been pouring toxic ingredients into your body through your deoderant.

The company "Solary" has a lymph cleansing formula called, "Total Cleanse - Lymph".
Renew Life (www.renewlife.com) and Enzymatic Therapy (www.enzy.com) have metal-cleansing products.




Many Toothpastes at the store are filled with chemicals and even worse, flouride. Most alternative doctors will agree that flouride is poison. Kevin Trudeau mentions in this book , "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know", that FLOURIDE DAMAGES THE THYROID. He thinks it is interesting to note that people who live in area's where there is a lot of flouride in the water have a high rate of thyroid problems. For choosing a toothpaste, I would recommend using Baking Soda, or a Toothpaste by either Desert Essence or Tom's of Main.I would also recommend a toothpaste that has NEEM as one of it's ingredients. Neem helps tighten the gums.







Most shampoo's are harsh chemicals that you are putting onto your scalp, which
are absorbed into your brain. I would recommend trying something more natural.
Check the ingredients. You might be shocked at what you read on the label.





The water in your shower is loaded with Chlorine.Chlorine is well-known to cause scarring of the arteries as it is absorbed through the skin. This scarring later leads to clogging of the arteries. Purchasing a shower filter which blocks the chlorine in your shower head can help tremendously, especially since in fibromyalgia, there is already a lot of coagulation in the blood and a lack of circulation. Kevin Trudeau mentioned that everytime you take a shower, it is equivalent to drinking 5 cups of chlorinated tap water. So even if you drink non-clorinated water, you may still be absorbing the chlorine through your shower water.




There is a product called, "Biotene" that helps tremendously with "dry mouth". I've tried it and it makes a big difference. Visit their webpage at: www.biotene.com  I would also recommend using a Tea Tree Mouthwash. The company Desert Essence sells one : www.DesertEssence.com