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Going to a Chiropractic College for an adjustment can help speed up your recovery. The adjustments at the Colleges are often inexpensive, sometimes costing a "fraction" of what it would cost in visiting a regular Practioner. Below is a web page that can help you find a Chiropractic College near you:

If you are looking for a regular chiropractor in your area, go to:

If you live in the Southwest part of the United States, check out "THE JOINT". The cost is very affordable and the quality is excellent. There are offices in Arizona, as well as California:

There are also centers called, "Seragem Centers", where you can lie on a massage table for 40 minutes at no cost. They have them at different locations in the USA. These tables will help stretch your muscles and help keep your bones in alignment. Visit their webpage at:


Some Research has pointed to the fact that many people with fibromyalgia are suffering from upper vertebrae problems. Researches have found that people who have the upper 4 vertebrae corrected properly, their symptoms of fibromylgia disappear.


Also, visit the following web pages: (Eric Dolgin, DO)